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The fact of the matter is there is not, and has never been, a "formula" for marketing success. Different things have worked for different companies at different times and while there are "best practices", you must be open to trying different things to maximize your return on investment. How do you do that? Well, I believe it starts with not over investing in advertising that you may obviously never see a return on. I have clients that have paid SEM/SEO companies $1,500+ a month resulting in less than a dozen phone calls. I have clients that have signed on with phone companies for $20,000+/year annual contracts and end up "in the red". So, start with researching the widest reach you can get for the smallest amount of money. Then it turns into a game of statistics. Two of the most cost-effective ways are Facebook "likes" campaigns and direct-to-mailbox advertisements. You always want to be seeking the least expensive "cost per impression". With Facebook, that number could be as low as .0001 cents per impression and with direct mail, you can get in front of customers for as low as .06 cents per mailbox (design, printing and postage all included). Social Media Consultants, LLC offers both of these services.

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While website design isn't our primarily focus, we have helped start-up companies that need a custom site without spending thousand of dollars.


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"I moved to Charlotte in October 2005 from Uniontown, Pennsylvania. The last ten years has been spent at beautiful Lake Norman. While I will always miss "LKN", I am beyond excited to move to the Historic Southend in August 2015. There is a such a variety of people and business here I can't imagine ever finding a lack of networking opportunities or inspiration. I am always available for meet-and-greet coffee consultations in Uptown and Southend for a free marketing consultation. EMAIL ME or call 980-458-8000." - Kerry

More Than Online Social Media!

In today's dynamic world of advertising, the rules change almost daily. Costs keep going up and up in social media while results keep decreasing. Facebook now requires you to pay extra to reach people that already are fans of your product or service. We have a solution that complements your online efforts! We offer a direct-mail service ( that puts your ad into 5,000 homes of your business zip code. This delivers a message into the hands of consumers literally within miles of your front door.