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"Treating my clients the way I would like to be treated has helped me maintain a client list of over 150 clients nationwide over the last ten years. Because of this being a virtual business, I haven't even met about 25% of my client list.

I have always felt that if you maintain communication and educate your clients, trust is a natural by-product. I always try to take myself out as the middle man regarding services such as domain hosting, print procurement and even running the Facebook ad campaigns using their Facebook accounts so they can be billed directly. Many agencies apply a pretty hefty "up charge" for everything I just mentioned. I have had clients being billed $30 a month for hosting when it costs less than $6 a month at GoDaddy. So, when I educate a client, it truly is in their best interests to know what I am doing, how much it costs and how we can repeat advertising that generates results." - Kerry B.

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