Making Facebook Work For You.

The rules have changed. What worked before isn't working now.

Facebook is arguably the largest single force in influencing your buyers online today. Ever time you log in to Facebook you will most certainly see some form of advertising whether it be in your main news feed, as a "suggested post" or one of those small thumbnail ads on the right. It's tempting to want to get into the mix as a business owner and well, you should. The problem is you can literally spend thousands this year on "boosting" and "likes" campaigns and driving people to your website but at the end of the day, did they buy from you?

The conversion from them seeing an ad to making them a customer is a very difficult thing to achieve. Mainly because they do not get the benefit of touching the product or hearing your excitement trying to sell the service. You are limited to a graphic and less than 90 words of text for most Facebook ads. This is why the choice of the right graphic and wording is criticial in addition to choosing the best demographic in age, gender, location and interests. These are all things Social Media Consultants, LLC can assist you with.

Some Important Things We Always Try to Do...


Setting up the locations where your ad should run is one of the most important aspects of making the most of your advertising budget.



We also try to refer our clients to other clients when there can be a mutually beneficially relationship. Many clients offer B2B discount programs.



Making deadlines is one of the most important aspect of any service provider. We are upfront about turn around times and stick to them.